Roasted Whole Chicken

30 min
40 min
Spring chicken 1 whole
Cajun spices 3tbls
Butter cup 3tbls (melt)
Butter cup 1tbls
Brown sugar 2tbls
Holland onion 2 nos (rough cut)
Carrot 1 nos (rough cut)
Celery 1 nos (rough cut)
1. while In a small bowl take half of melted butter mix with cajun spies and brown sugar. Whisk for a
2. Marinate the chicken with the mixer. Cover it well. Rest a side for about 20 minute. Heat up a flat pan. Pan grill the chicken until brown at all surface (searing proses). Rest a side.
3. Heat up a flat pan. Mix onions, carrot and celery in another bowl. Pan grill the half of the mixer with the 1 tblsp butter cup. Take out, rest a while, stuffed it inside the chicken.
4. Heat up oven at 150 degree celsius. Take a tray. Put a balance of the vegetable mixer on the tray. Then, put the chicken on top the vegetable mixer. Bake the chicken for 30 - 40 minute depends on the oven. For better 'watery' look, brushed a butter cup on the chicken surface before serving.