Bun Bee Hive with Gula Malacca Sauce

30 min
30 min
400g of wheat flour
12g of yeast
6g of salt
48g of sugar
12g of powdered milk
100g of yogurt
140g of water
60g of eggs
25g of mentega Buttercup
½ cup of gula Melaka
½ cup of whipping cream
½ tbs of vanilla
1. Mix Ingredient A and B all together.

2. Mix Ingredient C and knead it until it becomes elastic.

3. Put away for ½ hour.

4. Weigh 20g of dough and shape it round until you run out of dough, put it on the tray.

5. Leave it for 1 hour, the mixture will expand.

6. Bake it on the temperature of 180°C for 20minutes.

Gula Malacca Sauce:

1. Melt the Buttercup, add gula Melaka that has been crushed.

2. Stir it with water.

3. Add on the whipping cream, slowly. Turn off the fire, stir thoroughly.

4. Add the vanilla essence.

5. Let it cool off and apply it to the bun.